Hair Loss Technology Changing the Lives of People Around the World

Even for the most confident of men or woman, loss of hair can be an utter blow to confidence. It could be due to a genetic predisposition, or life-altering injury, losing hair can be a shock.

There are you can choose from a range of treatments alternatives that are not invasive like hair wigs, or, on the opposite side of the spectrum extreme procedures such as hair transplants. However, both have drawbacks. Hair plugs, also known as transplants are often painful, costly and sometimes not very efficient. Hair plugs can be bulky and do not always appear as natural as people would prefer.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the best option

However, in this area there’s a second alternativethe Scalp Micro Pigmentation also known as SMP. The tiny tattoos cover the scalp and are an organic look to hair. One of the most well-known experts are Taylor Perry, founder and the owner of Taylor Perry Studios. Perry is well-known for his collaboration with celebrities, fashion designers along with professional wrestlers. He is considered to be an specialist on SMP, Perry has mentored several artists who exclusively employ his methods. Famous celebrities would like to be treated by Perry and new artists would like to learn from Perry. Perry’s pictures have become viral. Perry’s Instagram account has photos of him with celebrities who are currently undergoing SMP.

SMP is suitable for all Hair Types and Skin Tones

Perry says that, regardless of who he meets and regardless of the location, his reaction is always the identical: “People get emotional. They are overwhelmed with happiness and joy and thankful for the work I’ve put into their lives,”” Perry says. “SMP London isn’t an aesthetic treatment that is merely cosmetic. For certain people the purpose is to cover any painful memories, such as burns, scars or birthmarks. My service can literally change your life.”

One of the most notable aspects that scalp micropigmentation has is the fact that it is suitable for individuals of all types of skin and hair color. When performed by skilled professionals this treatment is done with the least amount of hassle and discomfort. The results are believed to be lasting for between five and ten years prior to when the client is required to have a “touch-up’. These brief ‘renewal’ sessions help to strengthen the color which makes the look of the scalp fresh and vibrant.

Perry Makes Use of His SMP Image to Help Others

Perry says that his main motive is to assist others. The altruistic side of him developed from an early age. His own words are “I did not have a lot growing as a child. Since I was barber, I realized I needed to contribute to my community. I became involved with Buzz Box, which offered haircuts for free to children throughout the Florida region. I continue to complete this program each year, before school begins again.”

With COVID closing in, Perry plans to extend his charitable efforts: “I also have multiple travel plans for this year. Cuba as well as Jamaica are two places which are on my list. I’m hoping to take free clippers and give the clippers to barber shops. I love helping people.”

Hair Loss Scale Scale of the Hair Loss Problem

When we look at US data, it is clear that many people are in need of assistance. About a quarter of those who suffer from male pattern baldness begin to begin to develop the condition before age 21. When they reach the age of 35 more than two thirds of men could be affected by the hair loss. While genetics are the primary factor responsible but there are many other causes. Sometimes it’s the result of treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy medications are notoriously painful for the body. In the same way, there are blood pressure medicines that could cause hair loss.

According to the American Hair Loss Association reports that 95% of the loss of hair is due to male pattern hair loss. This unavoidable , inherited condition causes hair loss and shrinkage in time. Then, eventually, hair ceases to grow completely.

SMP Provides Hope to People who are adrift

Perry states “No no matter what the world has dealt, there’s possibility in micro-pigmentation. It’s not a requirement to take any medication or ingestion of dangerous chemicals. It’s not necessary to undergo anesthetics or under the knife of a surgeon. It’s relatively non-invasive and causes very little discomfort. The results can be mixed or matched perfectly to your skin’s tone. The result is natural results that you’re proud to wear. In some popular circles micropigmentation is now a bit of a fashion statement. It’s not associated with the negative associations that be associated with attempts to hide hair loss.”

“When you sit in my treatment chair or in one of my teams,” explains Perry, “I am confident that I can help them overcome their challenges. Perhaps they’ve experienced a failed hair transplant or haven’t found the right solution. When they are able to see the outcomes, their faces begin to shine. This is an incredible joy in my life and continues to be an enormous source of energy. “With the full selection of SMP products that are available, such as the machines, needles, and aftercare, ink and pigments, Perry aims to make his contribution available to as many people as he can and make sure that the industry adheres to the highest standard of service.