Reasons Why You Need To Create A Promotional Video

The following are eleven reasons you should create a video for your promotional purposes…

#1 People love videos

Take a look at the phenomenal popularity of TikTok or check out the television and YouTube numbers of users as part of the Coronavirus shutdown (they’re alarming, with people who spend an average of 40percent of their daily hours watching videos using their mobile devices).

We’re inexplicably drawn to sounds and motion. We’re wired this way. Walls of web copy won’t keep up with us.

#2 Videos grab viewers

People are really responsive to videos. Do you know a better method to guarantee instant engagement and create a quick connection with your site? It is possible to introduce your team and the work they do.

Customers can then add their own personality and face to the brand name and.

Customers buy from people they like, trust and have confidence in.

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#3 They’re the most efficient method of describing your brand

Is there a better method to summarize the way you conduct yourself as well as your core values, your personality?

The voice’s tone is crucial and speaking words with images as well as music is the ideal medium. It’s the ideal method to display your joy or even your serious side.

In a matter of minutes, viewers can have a complete view of your identity and what you can provide.

#4 It’s an excellent way to distinguish yourself from other businesses

Animation, infographics and sound effects, the right music and colours All of them contribute to an immersive watching experience.

Our video will opt for energetic music and infographics that showcase the ability to do: that we’re energetic, responsive, and quick-paced.

#5 It’s the best way to share your accomplishments

And those of your customers. Let them tell their stories. Tell them about their challenges. Present your solutions.

Drama and intrigue stimulate curiosity and emotion and emotions make them memorable.

#6 Videos make a lasting impression

Neuroscience has proven that visual images are easier to process and last longer. The human brain is able to latch to the concrete, not the abstract.

In addition it is more likely that we retain information that’s transmitted via mixed media. That is it is necessary to be able to read it, listen to it, or see it in motion.

Edgar Dale says, “WE recall 10 percent of the things we read and 20% of the things we hear 30 percent of our vision and hear, 50% of what we observe and hear 70 percent of what we talk about with others, and 80 percent of our personal have experienced and 95% of the things we share with others.”

#7 Seeing truly is believing

Product demonstrations, among the most popular selling techniques, came into popularity with the growth of television ownership during the 1950s.

Sometimes the penny falls when you notice something. This is particularly true for technology. Explainer demos are an excellent method of demonstrating something new or something that was previously thought to be impossible, or something that has not been seen before.

As Confucius declared, “Tell me and I will forget; show me and I will recall, involve me and I’ll be able to be able to comprehend.”

#8 Boost sales

If they are placed on your landing page Videos for promotion can offer high return on investment (return of investment). They’re the most efficient method of creating an effective CTA (call to action).

A recent study from Google found that users are more likely to purchase a product when they’ve seen a video showing the product in action.

#9 Boost SEO

Videos on websites tend to be more likely to appear at the top of Google search results.

They also make visitors stay for longer.

#10 Videos can be shared…

… from you, and other users through social networks.

Minneapolis digital marketing, MLT Group, recently posted on their blog: “Social video generates 1200 percent more shares than images and written content.”

And, finally…

#11 … videos are becoming more simple and fast to create

They don’t need to be massive in length. As we’ve mentioned, take a consider the rise of TikTok. The reason for its popularity? The shortness of every video. Each video is finished before it even begins. We all have short attention spans these days , or, let’s be honest we’re all too busy with marketing-related stuff. When they’re executed correctly, they’re powerful.

Final thoughts

If you’re trying to make something that can be used as a promotional videos for social networks and other platforms, then a minute will be plenty of time. Viewers don’t have to know all the details; they just need to get their attention. Offer them a taste and let them be eager to know more.