Reasons Why You Need To Create A Promotional Video

The following list of eleven arguments will convince you to make a video for commercial purposes:

People adore videos, so

Look at TikTok’s incredible growth in popularity or the worrying user statistics for YouTube and television during the Coronavirus shutdown (people spend 40% of their daily time watching videos on mobile devices, on average).

We seem to be drawn to noises and movement. We are built in this way. Web copy walls won’t be able to keep up with us.

2 Videos attract attention

Videos truly get people’s attention. Do you know of a more effective way to ensure immediate engagement and establish a rapid connection with your website? You might describe your team’s work and introduce them.

The brand name can then be given a personal touch by the customer.

Customers make purchases from individuals they like, believe in, and trust.

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They’re the best way to describe your brand, according to #3.

Is there a more effective way to describe your personality, basic values, and manner of conduct?

Speaking words while using visuals and music is the best media, as the tone of the voice is essential. It’s the best way to express your happiness or even your serious side.

With promotional video production viewers may get a full picture of who you are and what you can do in a handful of minutes.

4 It’s a great approach to set your company apart from competitors.

Information visuals, sound effects, appropriate music, and animation Each of these helps to make watching more engaging.

The music and visuals in our video will be upbeat and demonstrate our capacity to act quickly and with vigour.

The greatest approach to showcase your achievements is through this.

also those of your clients. Let them share their experiences. Tell them about your difficulties. Describe your remedies.

Drama and intrigue pique interest and evoke emotion, which makes them memorable.

Videos leave a lasting effect (number six).

Visual pictures are simpler to comprehend and retain for longer periods of time, according to neuroscience. The concrete, not the abstract, may be grasped by the human brain.

Information transferred via mixed media is also more likely to be retained by us. To understand it, one must be able to read, hear, or see it in action.

According to Edgar Dale, “We remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we hear, 70% of what we talk about with others, and 80% of our personal experiences and 95% of the things we share with others.”

7 You must see to believe.

Product demos were one of the most popular marketing strategies in the 1950s as television ownership increased.

The penny sometimes drops when you pay attention to something. In the case of technology, this is especially true. Explainer demonstrations are a great way to show off something novel, previously believed to be impossible, or something that has never been seen before.

Confucius said, “Tell me and I will forget; show me and I will recall, involve me and I’ll be able to be able to comprehend.”

8 Increase revenues

if you have a landing page for them Videos for advertising may provide a significant return on investment. They are the most effective way to build a compelling CTA (call to action).

According to a new Google study, consumers are more inclined to buy a product after watching a video of it in use.

9 Improve SEO

Website videos have a tendency to rank higher in Google search results.

They also encourage guests to remain longer.

10 You may share videos…

… via social networks, both from you and other people.

A recent blog article by Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency MLT Group stated: “Social video generates 1200 percent more shares than images and written content.”

And lastly…

11… creating videos is getting easier and quicker.

They don’t have to be extraordinarily long. Consider the development of TikTok, as we’ve already indicated. What accounts for its ubiquity? The length of each video. Before a video even starts, it is already completed. These days, everyone has a limited attention span, or let’s face it, we’re all too busy with marketing-related activities. They are effective when properly carried out.

last thoughts

A minute will be more than enough time if you’re aiming to create something that can be utilised as promotional video for social networks and other platforms. The goal is to capture viewers’ attention, not give them all the information. Give them a taste and encourage their curiosity.