Why Have Professional Web Design For Your Hong Kong Business Website?

In the last decade, Hong Kong people’s usage of the internet for business and personal services is becoming more prevalent, according to Statistical Reports from Census and Statistics Department. At present, out of 100 residents in Hong Kong, 34.7 are active users of the internet. Establishing a company’s website to establish a successful web business platform is now an important aspect of establishing an image for the company and also to advertise the products.

Mobile sites are crucial to a site’s success.

At the end of 2015, for every 100 individuals in the country, there were 193 mobile broadband users. That means that nearly everyone had two accounts for mobile broadband in the average. Fourth and third generation (3G and 4G) mobile broadband users has been increasing by 14.15 million, an impressive growth of 21.9 percent per year over the years 2010 through 2015. Mobile broadband is no longer only for young people as it is gradually making ways into lives of the elderly portion that makes up the majority of people. With mobile broadband growing in popularity as well, the use of mobile phones as well as tablets to shop is increasing. If you’re driving to work or in the living room, it’s possible that you are able to effortlessly shop at your leisure. So, a cross-platform, mobile-friendly website is among the most crucial tools for gaining your business today.

No more cookies made at home

In recent years the design and development of websites has evolved into a professional area. In the past, between 10 and 20 years ago, it didn’t take much time to design your own site. However, a website created in that era is not very effective from a commercial point of perspective today. It is essential to create an appealing web design while you think about UI as well as UX design SEO, back-end technology which require specialized skills and knowledge.

Additionally web development is becoming ever more sophisticated; software such as Dreamweaver is not adequate for the current web development. For instance responsive web design as well as CSS animations require advanced programming skills to create websites that look appealing and professional.

SEO is another aspect that requires a professional’s assistance. Professional expertise is required to plan your SEO strategically to increase your site’s traffic. Strategies like link creation as well as page speed optimization refining content and structural data impact the way that search engines like Google evaluate your site’s ranking. That means, without a guide from a professional there will be a lack of visitors to access your site regardless of how stunning and impressive it looks.

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Consider your options before you decide to utilize templates

It is tempting to purchase a design template through one of numerous websites selling them, possibly because of the cost. However, take into consideration the disadvantages they are generally with the back-end of a particular system, such as WordPress that means that you’ll be restricted to the particular platform. Another issue is that templates are generic and in many instances not be able to showcase your company. In addition, other websites could have the same template or similar templates, which means your site won’t stand out or be distinctive.

The answer is to find a company that can provide tailor tailored services. The price will be more expensive however the site will be more valuable in the end. The differences in the design of a website can result in over 100 times the increase in the number of visitors to your site. A successful website requires an attractive design and well-crafted marketing strategies. A well-designed and attractive user interface will keep them engaged and help reduce bounce rate. (Bounce rates are the amount of visitors who leave your site without clicking on any other page.) So, even when SEO brings in traffic, you must still be able to prevent visitors from leaving your site. That’s the thing that SEO companies will not tell you since they don’t have any knowledge of the basics of web design and programming.