Why you should be using tutorial videos for customer support

Videos are the most popular learning method for a huge amount of people. However, many companies don’t offer instructional videos for their users or products.

Everybody has had to figure out how to perform something for it for the first time.

It is difficult to find out what you need to do to get things to function. If that’s the case you’ll likely follow the same path that the majority of users do: search for a tutorial video.

Videos are the most preferred method of learning for a large majority of people. However, many companies don’t offer instructional videos for their users or products. It’s a vital avenue of communication that is not being utilized.

In this article we’ll go over the reasons the reasons why tutorial videos have a significant impact. We’ll also discuss the different types of tutorials and the common errors to be on the lookout for.

Why should you use tutorial videos?

A lot of companies are aware of the necessity of identifying sales strategies that are outdated. They are aware of the costs of dumping good money after poor results. This is why they expend a lot of time and energy redirecting resources to inventive, innovative strategies.

In addition, when it concerns Customer Service, companies keep failing to realize the importance of a strategy. They stick to the traditional channels like FAQs or Telephone Calls, and then become comfortable.

Studies have demonstrated the value that video content with relevant content can play to do with engagement with customers. According to Wistia, videos help decrease bounce rates as people spend 2.6 times longer on sites with videos than sites that do not have. A research conducted by Wyzowl shows 70% of users prefer to use video to get information about a service or product.

Here are some examples of ways video content can transform the way you communicate with your customers.

Enhanced Productivity of User

A picture can speak more than 1,000 words. What about videos?

Videos are able to break down complicated concepts, instructions, or actions into simple visual signals. They are extremely efficient in delivering the information about the interface and product to the user.

A recent Wyzowl study found that 68% customers actually prefer to watch videos to resolve a problem, instead of calling support. Therefore, instead of ten-minute support calls, creating 60 second instructional videos for your product can help users feel more in control and meet their goals more quickly. While doing so your business can cut costs while increasing user satisfaction.

Explaining how your product operates using how to videos could save you hundreds of hours of manual labor. In the future it’s an extremely efficient strategy as users can are able to learn at their own pace.

A reduction in customer frustration

If a client has bought and paid for an item or service they typically would like it to be effective. The bloom has gone. Because of this, those who seek assistance are more likely to be dissatisfied.

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for hours or days for a response from support personnel.

Tutorial videos can help users with basic questions regarding the operation and can be answered in a matter of minutes. They also aid in avoiding the frustration completely as a large number of customers choose to watch them rather than calling support phone lines.

If you’re looking to decrease the amount of customer complaints, begin by identifying the most common issues and then analyzing your support questions. If you’re faced with a particular issue that is frequently brought up by customers, it is possible to create a short video that will provide solutions to the issue.

An Increased Engagement of Users

The customers are more likely connect with businesses that offer educational videos. According to Unbounce adding videos in your page could increase conversion rates by as much as 80percent.

Online purchases of software or products isn’t easy. It’s difficult to know that the product will look exactly as advertised. The use of product videos will make customers trust your brand and feel comfortable with your products and services.

Furthermore, using video can aid in improving SEO, and consequently bring traffic to your website. Insivia discovered that a site has a 53-fold higher chance appear on the first page of Google when it has video.

It’s a good idea to think about it.

Types Of Tutorial Videos You Can Use

There are many kinds of instructional videos you could utilize in your business and let’s look at each of them.

Video Training with Instructor

This kind of instructional video is an electronic representation of the traditional classroom. Instructional videos by instructors are appropriate for more complex topics. They’re often utilized to provide information on industry issues, solutions and the advantages of a particular item or program.

Excellent examples of video-based training are Hubspot’s and Google’s digital training courses. They do not just show step-by step instructions on how to accomplish specific tasks using their platforms and have instructors who provide information on the field and the benefits of making use of their tools.

Making use of instructor-led videos or webinars offer all the benefits of traditional lessons in training and at a significantly cheaper cost. It can help you establish connections with your customers by providing pertinent information on your offerings in greater depth.

Demonstrations of the Product

Demonstrations of products are usually intimate recordings of people making use of features, products, or interfaces. They’re more hands-on than instructional videos with instructors, which typically provide too many details.

These videos are simple to the point and are extremely beneficial for Customer Support since they provide answers to frequently asked questions that don’t require a lot of decision-making.

User-Generated Video

This kind of tutorial video is designed by the viewers themselves, not by a marketing professional or employees of the company.

Users have faith in other users. We seek out reviews and reviews before buying or using an item. The same is true for videos. We trust content that is created by the user far more than the content produced within the organization itself.

Tutorial videos created by users are fantastic for establishing connections and increasing the visibility of your product. If your users upload instructional videos about the product on YouTube, be sure to contact them and share them with the support channel you have set up.

Things to Avoid When Creating Tutorial Videos

Are you considering using instructional videos in your Customer Support program? Here are a few issues to be aware of.

Not Addressing Your Audience’s Concerns

One of the main guidelines for creating videos or other type of content is that it has to have a purpose. If the content you’re making isn’t relevant to the audience you’re targeting then you’ll fail to meet your goals for business.

First, you must make certain of what your customers actually want to know. Editing or changing an existing FAQ into a written version is more straightforward than resolving a number of different subjects. For instance, you can determine the most frequently frequented by users of your site and begin with it.

Doing a poor job of covering more ground

The most effective tutorial videos are brief and simple. We recommend tutorials that have minimum of seven steps. Customers need answers to their questions by a short and concise details about your company’s history.

If there’s lots of material to cover in this of your video, it’s recommended to split your videos into various categories. Each category may focus on an individual feature or component of your product.

Too technical

If your customers are primarily salespeople or marketing professionals like it’s not logical to present the coding or the technology driving your software or product. Videos on tutorials should be targeted specifically to the people who will be watching. Buyers won’t be interested in videos that appear too technological and lacking in personal.


Tutorial videos are among the most important elements of smart customer support strategies. The use of well-targeted videos could reduce time and stress on your customer. It also improves your process, which reduces expenses and support calls.