Ryan Raiker Appointed to Sr. Director of Product Marketing at ABBYY

ABBYY has appointed Ryan Raiker to senior director of product marketing for the company’s process mining solution ABBYY Timeline.

As a digital-first marketing leader Ryan Raiker has experience creating marketing systems built around effective strategic planning, customer empathy, compelling content, and operational efficiency. He brings a strategic viewpoint to reimagine how people work and businesses operate. e He is a recognized thought leader in technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process.

Raiker is an MBA graduate of Widener University and holds an Executive Education certificate from Columbia Business School, along with a recent certification in digital marketing from the American Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute.

Ryan was part of the TimelinePI (now ABBYY Timeline) long before ABBYY’s 2019 acquisition of the company, where he led product marketing and brand strategy. He served the last two years as ABBYY’s director of digital marketing where he led the vision for ABBYY’s digital experience, oversaw a global team, led global digital marketing strategy, promoted the corporate message, and advanced ABBYY’s position as an intelligent process automation software vendor. Ryan was recognized for his leadership and commitment to innovation as Industry Era’s Director of the Year 2021.

Industry Era‘s — Best Director of 2021

Ryan Raiker is recognized for his excellence in the marketing industry, specifically the digital space. The Industry Era Director of the Year award recognizes the leaders whose ongoing commitment to innovation, renovation of workplace practices, and streamlining of business performance has produced tangible and transformative results.

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