What to Do When Your Car Radio Stops Working due to a Dead Battery?

If your car’s battery failed, most of drivers are familiar with the remedy that is a jump-start, or battery charge or even a brand new battery before returning to the road. It seems like everything is okay you think? However, your car’s radio won’t turn on. …!

There’s no need to be concerned about it, however. Most of the time the repair of the car stereo that stopped functioning after the battery went out isn’t as difficult as you imagine.

There’s a solution to this also! Let’s figure it out in a group!

The most typical reason for the car radio to cease functioning after the battery is completely dead is because the radio is equipped with an “anti-theft “feature” that is activated when the battery power is cut off. If that occurs it’s all you need to do is type in the correct code for your car radio and you’ll be back on track.

In rare cases it is possible that you are having problems with your radio or harm to other electronic systems that aren’t connected to the radio. For example, if your radio was not working following an unintentional jump start and the radio, along with other electronics that are delicate may be fried.

In particular, here are the most frequently cited reasons for this kind of issue:

Damage done during a jump start

Electrical system components may be damaged in an emergency jump-start if appropriate the proper precautions are not followed. Make sure you check the appropriate fuses and fusible connections before you scold the radio. If the radio is equipped with both ground and power the chances are it has an internal issue.

If you’re lucky enough, it could just be a faulty fuse, but if not, this is going to be a reminder as to how crucial it is to connect batteries and jumper cable in a proper manner.

Security features

If your radio displays “code,” then this is most likely the issue you’re having. Car stereos that have codes feature will require that you input a preset number every time the battery goes out of charge or becomes disconnected. The code might be included in the owner’s manual or you may need to call an expert.

Simple coincidence

If a dead battery or a jump-start may result in a car stereo not working however, it could also be just a simple chance.

Let’s look at the following instances one at a time:

Damage caused by an incorrect Charge or Jump Start

If your car radio stops working following a jump start or following a charge of the battery The issue could be due to a radio’s anti-theft function. Before doing anything else it is important to eliminate that. Verify that the radio doesn’t feature that feature. If it does, ensure that the code entered will not allow the radio to be functioning again. If not, you could be facing an even bigger issue.

The problem is that although it’s safe to jump-start or charge a car battery in the event that the procedure is executed properly, it can be extremely dangerous in the event that the procedure isn’t done properly. The greatest risk associated with jump charging or starting batteries is due to the risk of explosions caused by hydrogen gas that could escape from the led acid battery.

This is the reason that the last cable you connect should always be a grounded cable. It must be connected to the ground instead of the battery. If you connect direct to batteries and any hydrogen gas been released from the battery, the spark that results could ignite the gas and trigger an explosion.

In addition to the risk of the battery exploding that I’m assuming didn’t happen, as an unresponsive radio is one of the few worries in that case, hooking up jumper cables or connecting a charger that is not properly connected can result in harm to the electrical system.

When the cable was connected in a reverse direction at any point and your radio didn’t work due to this, the radio could be in danger of being damaged. Apart from the radio, a variety of other components may also be damaged.

If your radio has stopped working because of a faulty jump start or charging, and you’re lucky enough, you could discover that the car radio fuse is blowing. In some instances it could be the fuse in the radio. In other instances, it could be the fuse located in the fuse box of your car.

In other instances you might find an inflammable link has burst or some wire has burned. In some other, far more severe scenarios it is possible that various electronic parts, all the way up to and including the costly electronic control unit be damaged as well.

It’s crucial to be aware of how to connect jumper cables, and never let anyone, regardless of how well intentioned you are, connect them wrongly.

Dealing with Security Features (Car Radio Codes)

Codes for radios in cars are designed to function as a kind of passive security feature to prevent theft. If the radio’s power goes out, this security feature is activated, and once the radio is powered back up it is blocked until you enter an appropriate code. The display could show very helpfully, the phrase “code,” or it could be blank, or display a more obscure message, based on the brand.

The most effective method to handle car radio codes is to ignore it in any way. If you own radios that has this feature and your battery hasn’t gone out of service it is recommended to find the code, and write it down along with the reset process ahead of time.

The procedure for locating the car radio’s code varies between one brand and the one that follows, but you’ll need to begin by reading the owner’s instruction manual.

If you purchased your car second-hand and the previous owner might have written down the code in the manual. In fact, some manuals have the ability for this. If not and you don’t know where to find it, you can go to for it on the OEM website or call your local dealer, but you could have to pay local shops as well as an online company to search for the code.

Visit getmyradiocodes.com/ if you are looking for a car radio code.

Pure Coincidence

When two things occur in the exact same moment it’s not difficult to think that they’re related. In the case of battery problems and malfunctioning car radios there’s a good possibility that the two issues are in fact related. But, it is possible that your car radio has suddenly stopped working due to an non-related reason.

For example, if the radio is on and displays a channel but there is no sound coming from the speakers, the issue could be with the speaker, the wiring, or perhaps the antenna. The same is true for car stereos with no functioning radio can be traced to an antenna problem , if different audio devices, for instance music players, operate perfectly.

Whatever your problem may be you are facing, don’t be worried, as there’s always a solution that can get your mind off of it!