10 Advantages of e-Bikes

E-bike sales have been soaring worldwide over the past few years and they aren’t slowing down. Many people have been introduced to the advantages of riding an electric bike.

If your old school bike has been gathering cobwebs instead miles, or you don’t like cycling since it can make you sweaty and sweaty or you don’t like the thought of having to tackle the heartbreak hill again If so, you might be interested in making your bike an electric bicycle using an electric bicycle kit.

Here are ten reasons to (literally) take a ride on this thrilling bicycle technology.

What exactly is what is an Electric Bike?

The first step is to explain what an electric bike. An electric bicycle, or the e-bike is a bicycle that is powered by a battery that aids in pedaling. It helps make cycling easier, especially when climbing steep hills or riding with the winds. The motor is connected to the wheel, while the battery can be recharged.

Let’s get rid of one myth that some might have about electric bikes You still need to pedal them in order to ensure that they function at least for those which are powered by power and not fully-powered.

A power-assist electric bicycle kit can’t transform your bike into a motorbike, moped or other type of transport that does not rely on the power of a person to move. It would defy the reason for being a cyclist and owning a bike.

Instead, bicycles and e-bikes fitted with an electronic bike conversion kit can add some extra oomph to your pedaling. Imagine not having to get in the seat and again to climb up difficult slopes and inclines or pondering which gear you can shift your bike into. A e-bike or conversion kit can make this part of biking significantly more enjoyable for you!

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Once you’ve figured out the definition of an e-bike and how an e-bike conversion kit functions Let’s look at the top ten reasons to convert your bicycle an an electric bicycle kit.

  1. You’ll save money over buying an E-Bike

Given that e-bikes range in price between £1,500 and £7,700 for the most expensive models, fitting the conversion kit on your existing bicycle gives you a taste of this new and exciting cycling technology at only a small amount.

Many conversion kits will cost around a hundred dollars in comparison. The cost is based on the specifications and wattage output. most of them, such as ours, are so simple to install that they could start powering your bike within a matter of minutes.

At Leeds we are currently offering two conversion kits for e-bikes The power-assist 250 Series as well as the 500 Series, which produce 250 and 500 Watts respectively. Each series comes with various batteries that can will increase the ampere hour (ah) and cost based on the range of commuting you require.

A conversion kit for e-bikes is also a fantastic method to try out e-bike technology if you’re thinking that you might want to spend for a fully-fledged electric bike in the future with different suspension and riding capabilities than the bicycle you currently own.

  1. You can save even more compared to driving a car

Take a look at the amount you spend on gas regularly for your automobile, not to mention the expense of maintaining and new equipment like the tires and inspection labels and renewal of registrations. The idea of replacing the majority of your car driving by riding an electric bicycle could save you more money in the long-term.

  1. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint

They don’t require gasoline, making them a more sustainable mode of transport in comparison to cars and public transport. If each American person who lives within 5 miles of their work location commuted by bike just one day per week, it would amount to the equivalent to one million cars being removed from the roads.

A conversion kit for an e-bike can breathe the life back into your old bicycle, which could otherwise be thrown away in a landfill.

  1. Parking is easier to locate.

It’s no longer a chore to walk around a block in search of parking on the street or in a lot with a parking spaceWith an electric bike it is possible to park your bike and lock it virtually everywhere. Also, you won’t have to wait in traffic , and you can steer clear of the red light which isn’t as simple when driving to work. If you’re commuting to work it puts you in a better mood to start the day.

  1. E-bikes make you less sweaty and tired

One of the primary reasons that many of us do not use bicycles to get to work or to run to run errands is the fact that the long task of cycling can make us sweaty, and often tired.

Being at work or having a meeting with your friends covered with sweat and exhausted out after a ride is not something majority of us would like to be experiencing.

E-bikes remove these issues in a way that makes a bike ride more enjoyable.

In reality an British study equipped employees with e-bikes over two months in order to travel to work, to test whether the bicycles had any impact on their daily commute practices. At the conclusion of the test over two-thirds of participants said they’d prefer to own an electric bike. Around 40% said that they were planning to ride more often in the near future, due to the pleasure of riding an electric bike.

E-bikes can help you get to the destination more energetic due to the proper amount of energy and also thanks to the fresh air you’ve breathed while riding.

  1. An electric Bike Kit makes biking more Fun

The reason that so many people dislike exercising is that it’s not fun often. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication for the majority of us to get ourselves up to perform exercises that are aerobic and strengthen regularly.

A conversion kit for e-bikes is a great way to make riding a bike enjoyable once more, or even more enjoyable than it was prior to. When something is fun it’s likely that you’ll be inclined to repeat it often.

  1. E-bikes provide the same amount of Fitness Benefits as regular bikes

It’s possible to think that because your bike is powered by a motor, you aren’t as fit as on a normal bike, however studies have proven that e-bikes provide the same amount of fitness benefits as regular bikes.

The two types of biking lower the risk of heart diseases, lower blood pressure, build bones, and boost overall health. Cycling offers a low-impact kind of aerobic exercise that’s gentle on joints. Also, since an electronic bike can encourage people to cycle regularly, overall health will definitely improve by cycling on an electronic bike regularly.

  1. Baby Boomers and overweight people Benefit from E-bikes

If you’re not quite as active as they were or isn’t sure if they’re healthy, an e-bike could truly re-invigorate or even open the world of possibility.

The baby boomers — the generation who tends to take on fitness trends that are new — are taking to e-bikes in a flurry. Most of our customers are aged 51 or older benefitting from electronic bikes. They are keeping them active and reducing the chance of injuries as well as enabling them to go outside and assisting them in maintaining an appropriate weight as they get older.

E-bikes can also be an easier and less enjoyable way for those who are overweight or unfit to start a fitness routine rather than going to a gym. If someone previously could not complete five miles on a normal bicycle, riding an electronic bike could help them complete the distance faster which will encourage them to continue to ride.

  1. Converting your bike is easier than You Imagine

Contrary to what many think, you don’t require an engineering degree in order to install an e-bike convertor kit onto your bicycle. Numerous manufacturers have developed these kits to allow you to enjoy an e-bike ride in just a few minutes.

The two kits are designed to be mounted on rear or front wheels, and a majority of our customers prefer the front to ensure that it won’t cause interference with the gears used to shift. The 250 Series takes about five minutes to install (some bikes require that the front forks to be filed) and our 500 Series has more components and requires a few additional steps.

In addition, the kit can be mounted on tandem bikes, mountain trikes, bikes and many more. Any kind of bicycle could be turned to an e-bike.

Our support team for installation is available to assist in the event of any issues when installing our Leeds E-bike conversion kits.

  1. Technology is Improving Technology is Improving

With the rapid growth of e-bikes across the globe, manufacturers are responding to the demands of the market by offering new models with a larger capacity battery that extends the riding distance. There are also a variety of products that satisfy the requirements of all type of cyclist, based on the distance and speed they travel, as well as their budget.