Average cost to develop an app – what influences it?

Today we cannot imagine life without mobile applications. Originators can earn a lot on them, but before that you need to incur considerable costs associated with its design and development. Pricing an application can be difficult, and the specific price depends on the specifications. In order to give an answer as to the approximate cost of developing a mobile application, it is necessary to know as much as possible about the functions to be performed. The lowest cost of creating a mobile application is a few thousand, and the most expensive implementations can cost even a few million. What do these amounts depend on and what should we be prepared for when we order the creation of an application?

Supported platforms and application type

At the beginning, the originator must decide on which platforms the application should operate. We can choose between iOS (iPhone) and Android. When deciding on the platform, we should also take into account the country of residence of our audience, to estimate the percentage of users of a given system. In the case of Android, you should choose the minimum supported version. How much does it cost to develop an app? If our application is intended to be used by an organisation, it means that we will call it a business application. This will also affect the cost of its development. We can then limit the requirements for a mobile application to a few models of devices that we use in the company. In the case of a consumer application, it looks a bit different. We are forced to support many different models of devices, as our potential users will be using a wide range of devices.

The number of functions

As you know, function is unequal. It will take much longer to build into the program a function that allows you to connect via bluetooth with an external device in order to, for example, run sound with an application etc. The cost of creating a mobile application, depending on its functions can therefore vary from several thousand to millions – here for very complex, constantly changing applications, serving hundreds of thousands of users. You can create an application that is based on a simple and economical graphic design. The price difference between the two versions of mobile applications will be at least several thousand.