Can a Massage Chair Improve Your Health?

Massage is a technique that has an extensive history of offering numerous health benefits, ranging from alleviating pain to increased circulation to speed up healing. But, when massage chairs were first created in the early days, they were thought to aid in relaxation and rest. Although they definitely accomplish this goal, they are able to accomplish more.

The best massage chairs provide the Best Massage

One of the main reasons massage chairs are more than just a way to aid in relaxation is the fact that the most effective massage chairs are better than earlier models. In the beginning massage chairs were basic and limited in their capabilities. In most cases, they could only exert pressure on only a handful of areas, and with only the most basic motion patterns.

When you look at massage chairs available today at Massage Chair Store compared with chairs from the past, the difference is astonishing. Modern versions cover crucial aspects from the head down which include:

Upper back
Lower back

In turn, they can affect your health.

It is the Many Health Benefits of Advanced Massage Chairs

What are the specific areas where massage chairs provide health benefits? It all depends on the physical condition of the user as well as how frequently the chair is utilized and other elements, people have reported (and often studies support) benefits such as:

Lower discomfort. The regular usage of a massage chair may reduce pain in a variety of regions in the human body. One place where massage is particularly efficient is that of the back. When muscles that are too tight due to a variety reasons relax and lower back pain is likely to reduce. For most people, massage can be more effective in relieving the backache than treatments like acupuncture or other medications. You must adhere to the instructions of your physician and guidelines, it is true that massage chair sessions can be a beneficial supplement to your treatment program.

Fewer headaches. Migraines and headaches generally and specifically can be caused by an element of muscle tension. By reducing or eliminating tension in the muscles, the most effective massage chairs could help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.

Speedier recovery from workouts. When you exercise hard your muscles release an acid called lactic. This is a byproduct of your workout that causes muscle soreness and fatigue. In time, your body process the lactic acid, and then removes its toxins from the muscles. As both athletes and athletic trainers alike can attest the regular use of a massage chair will assist your body to eliminate the lactic acid that is produced and help you recover faster from your workouts and speedily.

Reduced blood pressure, heart rate and. The strain of our busy schedules can manifest in the form of muscle tension across a variety of regions of the body particularly the shoulders and neck. The tension then increases the activity of what’s known as the sympathetic nerve system (SNS) which can increase the blood pressure of the rate of your heart. The high pressure of blood (also called hypertension) increases the chance of developing a variety of conditions like stroke, heart disease and even damage to organs such as kidneys. Massage is a great and healthy way to counteract daily stress. It stimulates your parasympathetic nerve system (PNS) which is a system that works to control the effects of SNS. Also, the top massage chairs can help bring your body back to equilibrium and aid in a healthier heart rate and blood pressure levels.

Increased function of the immune system. If your body is under stress your immune system could be weakened, which makes you more susceptible to illness. Massage can help you relax and massage can help the immune system function more efficiently. Although massage by itself can’t help prevent illness, it can assist in creating conditions which your body is able to more effectively defend itself.

Lower levels of cortisol. Cortisol is one of the hormones renowned for stimulating your body’s “fight or fight or” response to crises. Although it is crucial role in certain situations, continuously high levels of cortisol could cause many issues within the body. Massage can lower cortisol levels, and reduce your human body’s “stress responses.”

Beyond the Body Massage Chairs, Your Health and Wellness on the Inside

Our understanding of the way that the mind affects the body, and the reverse is also growing. We are now aware that many mental and emotional disorders contain a physiological component also. For instance, although the precise mechanism of the process is not yet fully understood, there is increasing evidence that shows that cortisol levels are high and may contribute to the development of psychiatric disorders. Through helping to ease stress and bring the body to equilibrium, massage therapy can decrease mood swings as as symptoms of depression and anxiety.