Future Proof Your Office

Planning your office space for the future is going to make the investments worthwhile. It’s about taking the trends that will last for long periods of time, but also thinking ahead and making the right choices for your space and work force.

Reevaluating what the office needs & how to stay relevant, in the long run will see you through many years of happy working.

Smarter Working

Technology changes year on year but as time moves on, the office should be smart. By smart we mean to take advantage of modern technology and implement this in a way that benefits the business.

Having the access to the appropriate tech will allow the office to worker smarter and more efficiently. Take a look at current processes and identify areas that take could benefit from a new piece of technology, app or appliance.

Sustainable Approach

The sustainability of your office and the changes you can make are huge. It could come in the form of going paperless, being mindful of the energy used and even taking into consideration the materials you use for your office screening and partition screens.

Being on top of the recycling, making each person accountable for their actions is a fantastic start and can blossom into making a big impact.

Desk placement

Desk placements should always be considered and planned in an effective way for the most production work. Making sure you have the right number of desks is important, but also the ability to adjust and reconfigure if needed.

Thinking ahead of any staff changes, individuals needs and in the eventuality that social distancing comes back into place. We’ve been through COVID-19 but it’s safe to say we’re not out of the woods just yet. Having contingency plans in place, will put you one step ahead.

Offer Training

To get the most out of your employees and to ensure they are comfortable working with all processes and technology, training should be offered. This is a form of future proofing as you’re making sure all ages and departments are well educated and doing the best for themselves and the business.

By developing workers, there are chances of higher staff retention and office happiness.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is an attractive offer and means that as long as work and contracted hours are completed, you’re doing it right.

It’s not just changing the way your hours are completed but also allowing you to choose where you work. This could be from the office, from home or even from a café. Giving employees this level of trust is a way to build strong relationship and hope for the best possible work ethic.