How Facial Recognition CCTV Affects Business Security

ID checks would have been the common protocol in a prevention measure against terrorist attacks but this will soon become obsolete. We’re approaching an era where we will not need to present our identification cards because you’re probably not aware that we’ll be instantly identified. A security camera can examine your face, and it will be matched to your name, as well as a substantial quantity of information about you in addition to it, thanks to facial recognition technology that is automatic.

It is undisputed that there are plenty of benefits of the installation of facial recognition CCTV.

How Does Facial Recognition Technology Work?

Facial recognition is a type of biometric software that enables its users to identify an individual by using a digital image. The technology tracks the facial features of people who are being verified mathematically and it saves their information in a database. The biometric facial recognition’s mathematical algorithms normally follow these stages of image processing in two seconds


There are many distinctive features in every person’s facial features and the very first step the system performs is the gathering of biological or behavioral samples within a certain area. The majority of the time, these samples are collected under predetermined conditions for an agreed upon time.


After all the necessary information is collected, the samples will be taken apart. With these samples the system will create templates that will serve as the basis for the next verification process.


When the extraction is done, the next stage of image processing will be comparability. In this phase the data gathered will be compared against existing templates. Most software measures the distance between the eyes and the depth of eye sockets as well as the width of the nostril, and the shape of cheekbones as well as how long the jawline.


After the stage of comparison after the comparison stage, the system of facial recognition technology will proceed onto the matching phase. In this stage, the technology will check how the face features detected are in line with any of the templates within the system.

The advancements in technology are often used to reshape security surveillance in retail settings as well as the border security applications. Here, you’ll able to learn about it in depth.

The technology’s use in retail Settings

Typically, staff members at retail stores have to interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. Due to this, they tend to forget about the people who have interacted with them over time. With the aid of CCTV cameras that have face recognition features, these retail establishments will be able track the visitors who come and leave your site. As an added bonus you can also used as a tool to catch shoplifters or others who are banned from entering the premises. come into the premises, but before they are too late.

Apart from that face recognition CCTV cameras will also assist retail stores in analyzing traffic patterns and demographical data of their visitors. Business owners can get insight as they decide on their companies interior design, advertising design, and personnel.

The use of technology for Border Control Applications

Beyond its application in retail the facial recognition CCTV cameras can be employed for borders control purposes. By using this technology, the tracking of travellers who pass through airport e-gates in various border control areas became easier. In addition, it enabled the airport personnel to perform automated passport check-ins for verification of the passenger’s authenticity.

Pros and Pros and Recognition Technology in the Business World

Now that you’re aware of the ways in which facial recognition technology operates and the ways it’s employed in companies, it’s now time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing it. If you know these facts will allow you to determine the technology’s capacity to help you improve the efficiency of your business. Also, it gives you the capability to alter the weaknesses of the technology to make use of it.

Benefits of using Face Recognition Systems:

Improved Business Safety and Security

It’s evident that the integration of facial recognition technology into surveillance cameras can greatly enhance the security and safety of your company. Apart from the fact that all visitors to your business site will be tracked Face recognition systems could also alert you when it senses intruders on your premises. In addition, it can help businesses reduce the need for additional security personnel in order to ensure the security of their business.

High Accuracy of Image Captures

It is without doubt that face ID technology is an effective tool that you can use to monitor those who enter and leave your business establishment. Additionally, this breakthrough in technology is also able to provide businesses with an unbeatable security system with the capability to take pictures with high-quality. With that said, facial recognition technology can provide business owners with the peace of mind that their online presence is safe and secure for both the business and its customers.

Complete Automatization of Verification Process

Before the technology was fully developed, security personnel were required to cross-check manually to ensure a match. Because of the advances in technology, the verification process has been made completely automated. This is why companies were able to verify the accuracy of their security systems effectively and efficiently. This current setup is not just convenient for the companies who use it, but the system also allows them to cut expenses for security, without compromising their company’s safety.

Reliability of Time Attendance Tracking Features

Beyond the options mentioned earlier The facial recognition systems give companies a reliable time-tracking system in order to track their workforce. Employers are able to eliminate the probability of time fraud among workers. And since everyone is required to pass a face-scanning device that it will be unattainable for workers to alter their clock-ins and clock-outs at work. That said, facial recognition technology could help companies improve the reliability and accuracy of their time attendance tracking system.

Pros and Cons of using Pros of Using Face Recognition Systems:

Limited Data Storage

While facial recognition technology can provide promising benefits to companies however the data it collects can occupy a lot of space over time. For this reason, limited storage of data is a major obstacle for users of this technology throughout the world.

Most business organizations overcome this dilemma by utilizing several computers to process everything. While it’s a lot of space and expensive, it allows businesses to store data effectively with a speedier pace. As long as the face identification technology in the world evolves and improves, this is likely to remain an obstacle for its users.

It is necessary to have multiple surveillance cameras Angles

Another drawback of this method is the necessity for multiple cameras for surveillance angles. If you don’t, your company’s facial recognition system will be vulnerable to failures and setbacks. It is essential to ensure that you have multiple angles that include an angle profile, 45-degree angle, frontal angle, and many more if you are looking to get accurate results for matching. Additionally, it’s recommended by experts that you keep your database current in terms of its information if you want to ensure your security system’s accuracy in checking the identity of people.

Cost of the Meeting of Quantity and Size of the Image

During the face-detection system’s comparison as well as matching procedure, the system detects an image of the person in the photo and then matches it with the templates enrolled. In order to be sure of the accuracy of outcomes of this process, it is advised that firms make use of high-quality cameras as well as reputable face tracking software. When you fail to satisfy the dimensions and quality requirements then you could experience issues with the process of face recognition.

While your investment will benefit in the end however, the initial investment could be really expensive. It is undeniable that you really must spend money to get the most benefit that facial recognition systems bring.

Alongside the benefits for business that facial recognition technology offers, there is the potential for challenges and limitations need to be addressed. Even so, the advantages that this technology offers overshadow the drawbacks that come with it. If you are able to prepare and tweaking, you’ll be able to conquer these obstacles and make the best use of technology. This can help you gain an edge in the competitive world of business.

Take note of how facial recognition in CCTV cameras can alter the look of your business’ security surveillance by utilizing IT specialists from managed IT services such as House of IT. In this way you’ll be able to get the CCTV infrastructure that works best for your business and also integrate facial detection systems in a way that is effective. The experts will not just assist you in enhancing your business’s security and safety; they’ll also help you maintain the security system’s effectiveness over time.