Just when you thought the Artificial Intelligence Revolution Couldn’t Get Any Scarier: In Walks Marvin R. Sertils’ Kryptcraft”

We’ve seen it coming and these days the robotic sci-fi dream, seems to only get more and more real. First Elon Musk with Tesla (a producer of autonomous vehicles), then the release of Neural Link (which is developing implantable brain–machine interfaces) founded by Elon, Palmer Luckey with war drones (Oculus co founder), and now— Marvin R. Sertil and the Kryptcraft Team with Kathulu i/o, a super neural network that basically completes writing tasks for companies which consistently produces copywriting content in a matter of minutes to seconds. Kathulu i/o narrows down the process so that the only task for writers need to focus on (if the artificial intelligence doesn’t already do that) is keyword usage.

As scary as it is, I’m actually excited for this revolution. Implementing Kathulu i/o into our everyday lives will ultimately help diminish the crazy burnout that we as writers often experience, allowing us to shorten our day and spend more time with our loved ones. Kathulu i/o is set to be released sometime in 2022 and we’ve already subscribed.

The Kryptcraft team combines the likes of the most innovative developers and builders alike. The long list (which reads like a rep sheet) of organizations the team has worked for ranges from a list of Merck, Johnson and Johnson, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, M.I.T, Toyota, and the U.S Naval Research Laboratory, to only name a few.