Reasons Your Business Needs IT Support

Many companies do not have IT support. They wait until there’s an issue, then call the IT experts to fix the issue for them. Your business may gain in many ways from regular rather than an ad-hoc IT assistance.

Below are the five main reasons:

1.) 24/7 Maintenance

If you are able to enjoy ongoing support for your IT system, you’ll feel secure knowing you know that the systems of your computer are monitored for 24 hours a day seven days a week all year round. Our team is alerted in real time whenever something is wrong with your systems , which means that we are able to look into the issue and have the issue resolved swiftly for you. This includes:

Server problems or failure
insufficient storage
slow internet

This is important since server issues can affect the overall operation of your company, including access to client information and crucial information. Insufficient storage unnot detected could cause issues with backups and slow down your systems slowing down your company’s performance. A major and irritating problems that your team faces could be slow WiFi that could affect productivity.

It is essential that all issues are analyzed and resolved promptly to ensure your business is functioning well and effectively. If you depend on ad-hoc IT assistance to solve any issues , they are addressed only when they are deemed to be serious issues; the moment when people begin to be aware of these issues. When this happens you’ll need to make arrangements for the issue to be addressed and fixed that may impact your business, while waiting for it to occur.

2) Secure data

Protecting your data and keeping it safe is among the most essential aspects in an information technology system. As hackers and viruses become increasingly sophisticated, you should ensure that your information is safe.

If you’re receiving ongoing IT support, we will ensure that you will have unlimited backups to your storage We utilize Dropbox to store our data in cloud-based storage and backup to ensure that , in the event that something happens at your place of business the data you have stored remains secure.

We have implemented encryption to ensure that your client’s information is protected and your email is secure stored to prevent hackers or viruses. With 24/7 monitoring, all year round If there are any problems with your backups we’ll find them right ahead and fix it for you.

3) Cost-effective

Employing an IT team internally can be costly. The salaries of IT professionals are usually high in their field, so bringing people in can be costly. Interviewing and hiring can be lengthy and costly so you’ll need to engage a specialist IT recruiting firm to ensure that you hire the right candidate or be sure that you possess the expertise to evaluate the experience and abilities of the candidate.

With the ongoing support of a specialized firm such as ABC Service, you will be able to stay clear of this. We’ve got a knowledgeable, well-trained team that has all the necessary expertise and experience. We’re flexible and reliable working together with you to ensure that the quality of your services are maintained while any IT tasks are executed. Benefit from economies of scale since you don’t have to hire an IT team full-time for your company. However, you will have a full-time IT team available!

4.) GDPR compliance

It is likely that you have been informed about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be in force from May 2018. In fact we’ve written an informative article on it here. The new regulation will bring modifications to the manner companies use and store customer data as well as protecting it from viruses and hackers.

The IT support team of your company will ensure that you are in compliance with rules from a system perspective as well as the compliance of any regulations pertaining to hardware and software. They stay up-to current with the most recent laws and will take proactive steps to ensure your company secure and compliant. They also keep track of your software licenses to ensure that they’re up-to-date as well as collaborate with you to prepare for the eventual end of life of any of these software products by recommending the need for upgrades or replacements.

If you are only getting an ad-hoc IT support, then you’ll must keep track of any laws and compliance updates yourself. You may call in contractors whenever you need to make adjustments but this may take a while since they’ll have to look over your system to make any upgrades or updates. an IT support team will already be familiar with the software and hardware you use for your IT and understand exactly what is required immediately.

5) Real-time support and updates

With ongoing support for your IT and ongoing IT support, the team are well-versed in your current IT systems as well as your needs. They make sure that the hardware, software, and data are safe from hacking attempts and viruses. They can monitor your data in real time as well as upgrade or reduce your storage capacity as needed and ensure your that your systems are up to the minute as they can be.

You will not only have an IT department that is ready to help whenever you need it, but you’ll also benefit from our buying power when you decide to purchase the latest equipment, or to upgrade your current system.

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