Why You Need A Website As A Tradesman

You’re a professional extremely skilled in your specific art, but you’re sure that you need more jobs on your resume? You’re in the right spot! In this post, we’re discussing web design specifically for tradesmen. We’ll also discuss the essential aspects that you must think about when creating your own website or employing an expert web designer (as an experienced tradesperson, you are aware of the importance of employing a skilled professional to do the job, I’m certain). If you’re looking to receive a the price for a web design estimate, contact us now, or continue reading to learn more about DIY web design ideas for tradesmen.

Things to think about
Your location

The location you choose to target is extremely relevant to your specific business. Since you’re likely to need to interact with customers in person for your business It is essential to draw customers who are within your vicinity as much as is possible. One way to attract local customers who don’t have a the need for a website design is to utilize Google Business for local search results.

When we examine “Plumbers” In the first place, we receive a couple of advertisements that offer a high ROI (ROI) however they demand payments for every click. Below this, we see the local search results of accounts that have Google Business set up.

One thing to note in these three top results is that they have great reviews. In addition to many of them. You will receive feedback directly from customers simply by emailing your customers the URL and inviting them to rate your company.

Additionally, they’re optimised to display their business as an service in addition to the request for location. Additionally, every one of the top rankings has an online website that is linked to the listing. This is vital because a significant number of users will visit your site to learn more about you prior to calling to request the price. If you just use the free listing as well as a telephone number, you’re likely to be left out of those who are looking to learn more about the background of a company prior to engaging.

Give your customers a reason to decide to go with your company!
The process of buying a domain name

Web design cannot begin without a domain. It all depends on the design software that you go for, you might opt to make use of them to buy your domain. For example, if you purchase the Wix package, you might prefer to purchase directly from them. Or in the case of WordPress you can buy the domain through a service like GoDaddy.

There are a few aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best site for businessmen. We recommend that you keep the length of the domain to a minimum at least 3 words, and not greater than twenty characters. The smaller a name’s length is the simpler it is to remember, however, it can be a problem to have a long domain name in numerous printed scenarios. Imagine fitting a lengthy domain name in small spaces such as business cards, or making a huge area on banners. This means that the total text must be extremely compact. For instance on a 10ft banner what will be easier to read, YourNamePlusYourLocation.com or simply YourName.com?

Many tradespeople look for domains that include their business location and place of business as shown in the image below. This can be beneficial to get found on the terms you want to rank for, however they do nothing to improve the overall recognition of your brand in the near future. Your web design might be substituted by a competitor and nobody will be able to tell the distinction. When possible, we recommend that you choose a company name and use SEO techniques to increase your chances of being discovered on Google.

Whichever option you choose We recommend purchasing your own domain instead of having your web designer purchase it on your behalf. This gives you complete power over your site regardless of what happens. Web designers have been known to stop trading, leaving tradesmen with a need to correct this issue, which can result in enormous amount of pain.

Hosting services to buy

After you’ve got your domain name, the next step to get your tradesman website running is to buy hosting. We’ve tested a variety of alternatives and by far the most simple, reliable and packed with features is SiteGround’s options for hosting, especially in the case of an WordPress website design for tradesmen. There are definitely cheaper alternatives offered, but we believe that reliability and speed are more crucial than the few extra pounds you’ll have to pay.

If you’re contacting an expert in web design for your entire design, it’s possible to have your hosting and regular maintenance requirements handled by us. If you have purchased your own domain An agency like ours can connect at our own hosting service, so you don’t have to fret about technical terminology used in setup. But the best part with SiteGround is the fact that they permit users to include collaborators, such as web designers, which means you can modify your hosting account without having to know passwords for your admin account.


If you’re developing your own website design, we recommend WordPress as of now, in comparison with other builders for websites. It offers a lot more flexibility and features with no extra costs associated with other. One of the major advantages of WordPress is that if you create your own website but you decide to later improve it with an experienced web designer, you can make use of your existing framework to modify or replace your website’s design. Instead of having to relocate your the host or change the builders you are familiar with.

From themes that are cheap through ThemeForest to WordPress its own theme directory there are tons of themes to choose from. You can choose one that is close to being live and tweak it to customize it to your liking. But, take note that templates that are pre-designed often contain a lot of filler pages and sample pages.

If you choose to work with a web designer like us We will create your website from scratch, tailored to your particular requirements and target market. When selecting a designer for your trade company, make sure they are aware of the needs of your customers and can tailor your design to fit your brand’s overall identity. The majority in your website’s design is going to result from the user experience and SEO strategies employed. When a prospective client visits your site it is imperative that they are informed of the reasons why your company is suitable for them, and also how they can decide to take action.
Special features

In order to help clients become customer, certain features like booking systems can make a difference. If you’re able to remove the steps for customers, they can make it easier for them to become customers. For example, if you’re capable of offering an automated call-back system for requests outside of business hours it gives customers the best possible experience of being able to contact an individual at the moment they need. This is especially helpful in the case of a band that is a single person and aren’t able to respond to calls. Booking systems can also be useful when you provide clearly and transparent prices for certain services. This will permit customers to make reservations for your services directly on your website.

SEO-related issues

If you want to ensure that your site’s layout reaching the highest amount of people in your business There are many factors that are involved in this process. known as Search Engine Optimization. Once you have the layout in place, you must ensure that your website is technically optimized for elements like page loading speeds (we offer an informative article that discusses the importance of speed on your page for SEO) as well as headers and title tags are in place as well as meta descriptions. If you’re using WordPress we recommend installing Yoast because it will inform you of many of these elements on every page. We optimize each page when creating client websites. We also employ techniques to ensure that websites will get optimized as you add them to your site in the near future.

Another important aspect to rank in Google for your company includes the utilization of Keywords. This is , in essence (yes it’s a huge oversimplification) the process of adding relevant words to your website content in order to draw the attention of users with a seeking out information. For example the phrase “electricians Newcastle” has approximately 780 searches each month. If your website is able to rank within the top three results for a term such as this, you could significantly increase your monthly traffic. If your website has been properly designed for users, you can bring in a significant number of additional leads.

The best thing about keywords is that they allow you to get many search terms within one article. It is important to ensure that your content is read well at first. Also, make sure it contains an appropriate Keyword or phrase within your locations like your URL’s slug, and also within your titles. For instance, “Web design for tradesmen” in our title and “everything-you-need-to-know-web-design-for-tradesmen” in our URL.

The best place to look for appropriate keywords for your company is to simply take a look at the suggestions Google provides for search terms. On the bottom of each page of results, Google will show you additional terms that are relevant to what users are searching for.

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