10 Reasons To Use Video Conferencing

It doesn’t matter if you’re part or the growing remote workforce, run offices in several cities or are part of a group of professionals who travel frequently video conferencing is now the new way to communicate. It can bring people together, ease collaboration, increase efficiency and also save you money so it’s no wonder according to a study published by VC Daily, video conferencing is predicted to increase by 20 percent per year from 2022.

It means that if you’ve not yet used video conferencing, then you’re probably considering it. When you’re weighing your options and decide if it’s the right choice for you then let’s take a look at the top ten benefits of the most recent video technology for conferencing.

1. Improves communication

A report from Forbes states that “humans process visual information quicker and more efficiently than audio or text.” Furthermore, when compared to audio conferencing “62 percent of executives agree that video conferencing greatly enhances communication. Furthermore 50 percent of respondents believe that video conferencing improves the quality of communication.” No matter if you’re a small-business owner or part of a larger enterprise communicating clearly is essential in understanding your the scope of your projects, setting expectations and achieving your goals which is why video conferencing is an advantage, regardless of the way you view it.

2. Helps to build connections

If you have a face-to-face meeting and make connections that are personal and be able to discern signals from the other party and build trust. While there are important connections you’ll have to travel to and video conferencing is a great way to connect all other gatherings, while making connections to a deeper level. For those who doubt the efficacy of video conferencing Research has shown that videoconferencing has been generally considered to be a useful tool. In one study the respondents stated that the technology helped them establish relationships within as well as outside of their businesses.

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3. Reduces costs

In providing your employees with the opportunity to interact in person, video conferencing provides an interactive, “in-person” experience without the cost of travel. In addition, by allowing you to connect online, you can recruit the top talent and let them to work from anywhere. When you’re familiar with the technology, it might encourage you to increase your remote workforce so that you can recruit the top talent, no matter the location they reside.

4. It saves time

Because you can be in contact virtually anyplace, video conferencing lets you cut down on travel time. However, it can aid in different ways. When you hold a conference instead of tackling an issue through email, it will eliminate the confusion caused by a flurry of messages, lessen confusion (and the necessity long discussions) and bring everyone on the same page more quickly. One study even revealed the fact that nearly 89 percent participants believe that video conferencing has helped cut down the amount of time needed to finish projects or other tasks.

5. Streamlines collaboration

The most effective video conferencing software offers more than just a means to hear and see your colleagues. It provides collaboration tools such as screen sharing and instant editing of documents, meaning it’s easy for everyone in the room to look over the documents they require and participate in the discussion.

6. Improves efficiency

A clearer way to communicate using non-verbal and verbal signals the ability to share screens, in real time collaboration and the capability to join from any location makes video conferencing a better utilization of time for everyone.

7. Improves productivity

Since video conferencing allows you to work to documents instantly, users don’t be faced with lengthy emails or lost messages, document comments or issues with version control These issues can create confusion, misunderstandings and delay.

With the ability to join a conference call and work in real-time, you can make sure that everyone can speak and feedback is taken into consideration and all questions can be answered quickly. Also, you can discuss ideas with your team and ensure that everyone is aware of the plan prior to leaving the meeting. Furthermore, because video conferences do not require you for travel. Your group can be more focused on their tasks even during the times when they hold meetings.

8. Facilitates scheduling meetings

If your team members frequently travel meeting times could be a problem. With video conferencing, they are able to take part from virtually everywhere, including taxis hotels, airports, their offices at home, and so on. Since they can use nearly every device, scheduling face-to face gatherings and keeping everybody informed to the latest information is simpler.

9. Produces accurate, consistent records

If you are hosting an in-person meeting or audio-only meeting, recording notes is usually left to a member of your team. With the speed of conversation and our proneness to error of our own, important details may slip out of sight. However, with the help of videoconferencing technology, which also allows you to record and transcribing sessions, you can preserve all of the details. In addition, you can refer to them whenever you have questions and also share the meeting with people who weren’t able to take part, making it simple to ensure everyone is on the same level.

10. Enables live events

If you’re looking to connect with your entire team, full client list, or the general public, video conference tools can assist. With the capability to broadcast messages visually, the tools offer you the capability to hold discussions, webinars and panel discussions launches for products, and more to viewers in your workplace or anywhere else in the world.