Italian luxury brands: the 10 most famous Italian fashion houses

The importance of Italy in the world of fashion is not overstated.

You’d need to be living in the shadows all your life to not recognize the extensive history of Italian brands and designers, fashion houses and luxury brands which all have contributed to the fashion of today.

In addition, the story extends beyond Italian luxury brands.

In the twenty-first century Italian production is considered to be among the best worldwide, with numerous family-owned businesses that make clothing for top-end brands of clothing like Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, and a lengthy list of other brands.

Simply put,

la moda e nel sangue degli italiani.

The fashion industry is a part from the Italians.

But the vastness of Italian luxury brands, coupled with the mythology surrounding the most famous players, has resulted in an era that is often difficult to grasp from afar.

You might recognize the names, but you might not know their stories behind them. Perhaps you’re familiar with famous designs, but you’re not sure what they mean in the overall picture.

Whatever your level of knowledge There are likely to be numerous elements in the way you dress that go towards Italian style houses a certain way.

In that light In that spirit, here’s a guide to the best Italian designers.


It’s a Gucciworld , and we’re being a part of it.

The luxury brand from Florence has a serious appeal on the street following an enormous revival following an appointment to Alessandro Michele.

Gucci has made record profits and is now one of the top-performing fashion brands around the globe, ranked as one of the most profitable brands for several seasons in consecutive years.


Prada founded in 1913and has since grown into one of the most influential fashion designers.

Prada is now run by Miuccia Prada, is consistently listed as one of the most popular brands on Lyst along with giants like Nike as well as Versace.

Prada is a fact,

uno stile di vita

an ideal way of living

In Milan and beyond thanks to its unique design, unique print and an original perspective.


Fendi is still one of the most popular Italian brands, even with the death of creator Karl Lagerfeld.

Fendi’s famous (famous) Double F logo which is worn by famous people like Gigi Hadid Karlie Kloss and Rihanna It has been redesigned and has brought Fendi into an exciting new era of chic street style and instant recognition.


Formerly under the tutelage of Gianni Versace and later surpassed by his sister Donatella, Versace was one of the most popular brands in the 90s.

Donatella Versace has transformed the Italian iconic brand to a whole new level using the supermodel influence to redefine Versace to be one of the top brands to be wearing today.

The red carpet of Versace is an essential part of the red carpet for good reason. It’s almost the absurd and always full of fascination (glamour).

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is well-known and is admired for its beautiful leather products. They have built a reputation for their high-end bags that last for the rest of their lives (a for the rest of your life).


Valentino established in the year 1959, through Valentino Garavani, is now one of the famous Italian brands around the globe.

Presently, Pierpaolo Picccioli has been named the chief creative officer and is steering the company in a forward-looking fashion that is red-carpet-ready and known for its lavish clothes and gorgeous, vibrant gowns.

The company’s strong commercial performance have seen the company expand in recent years, as well as establishing its status in the top tier of significant luxury brands in the contemporary world.

Chi non vorrebbe un vestito rosso Valentino?

Who wouldn’t love to wear a dress in red Valentino dress?


Moschino founded in the early 1980s It has brought a love for pattern, color, and fun into its brand’s image which has resulted in some of the most well-known collections.

From the famous McDonalds collaboration to Barbie’s runway this Italian brand doesn’t shy away from trying to make a statement.

Giorgio Armani

In spite of a myriad of spin-offs however, it’s the initial Giorgio Armani continues to be one the most recognizable brands in Italy.