Peloton Strive Score Explained: Is it Good or Bad?

Peloton recently released and announced a brand new feature, the Peloton Strive Score to track the intensity of your workout.

It is a must-have feature for anyone who loves peloton. We must know all about the peloton score.

According to peloton

Strive Score is a private non-competitive and non-competitive measurement that is used to gauge how hard you exercise. From the bike to the Tread , to on the flooring, the Strive Score is a measure of how long you’re spending within each zone of your heart in order to keep track of how hard you’re working during each exercise

The thing to remember is, the greater your heart rate is the better your score will be.

How do you get an Peloton The Strive Score?

For a score of strive for a score, you’ll require an heart rate monitor or apple watch that is compatible with your bike, tread or application.

The score begins at 0 and increases according to your intensity throughout your course. Heart rate zones can be set in two ways: Peloton suggests based on your height and weight, or you can set your personal.
What can the Strive Score calculated based on the Heart Rate Zone?

As per Peloton,

These scores are computed using the heart rate as well as your birthday date to calculate the five zones for your heart rate (you could also input your own zone if you have a custom range you prefer to use in place of). Your Strive Score is determined based on the amount of time you spend in each of these five zones. Even if you don’t, you’ll receive a small fraction of a point each minute you’re in one of the zones.

Breakdown of the Strive Score Calculation Breakdown

Zone 1 Zone 1: Up to 65 percent maximum Heart Rate = 1x Quick recovery to begin
Zone 2: 65% – the maximum heart Rate = 2x in this zone you’re beginning to sweat.
Zone 3 Zone 3: 75%-85% max Heart Rate = 4x – Your breathing is becoming heavy
Zone 4 Zone 4: 85%- 95% of maximum Heart Rate = 8x – Stiff breathing. You can only make short bursts using the heartbeat.
Zone 5 Zone 5: 95%+ maximum Heart Rate = 8x If your effort is the maximal

Take note: Peloton places Zone 4 and Zone 5 in the same distance as they don’t want to be overexerting.

What is a good Peloton strike score?

Scores for Strive are based entirely on individual. There aren’t any score that is either good or poor. It is recommended that you achieve approximately 80-85 percent of the estimated maximum heart rate during exercising in a 30-year old person is roughly 152-161 beats per minute.

Note: The score for the stride is increased every second, which means that you’ll not achieve the maximum score during an entire period of time unless your heart rate is in the zone of maximum.

Peloton strive score is not working? or is it not showing up? This is the solution.

Onepeloton is aware of this issue and has provided a solutions. Here’s the solution..

First, click the More menu, then click “Profile Option”.

Step 2 – Choose “Preference”.

Step 3 – To turn on the feature, you must turn to “Track as well as Display Scoring” in the Strive Score section.

Note For keeping your Strive Score confidential make sure you activate “Hide my heart rate zone and my strive Scores from Other Classes”.

Strive Score in comparison to Output

Overall, Peloton strive score is calculated using your heart rate zone , and in contrast, your output is determined based on the calories you burned during the session (calculated by watts and kJ)


What is the best goal score for 30 minutes of play?

Overall, a satisfactory score for a good effort during 30 minutes should be between 8.7 and 69.6. It is the Strive Score quantifies heart rate throughout the time your heart is beating , and it measures the amount of time you are in the various heart rate zones.

Can you get strive score on peloton app?

Yes, the Strive Score app is also accessible to Peloton App-only members (those who do not own any Peloton equipment and who pay $12.99 per month for the app alone).

Does strive score resemble Splat points, like Orangetheory?

Yes, it’s like Orangetheory’s Splat Points however it is calculated on the basis of the time used in the five areas of the heart.

Strive Score vs FTP Test Which is more trustworthy?

In the end, FTP test is real and more accurate than score from strive because FTP test follows an actual test. However, strive score is machine generated data.