What is a Corporate Gifting Platform?

If you’ve ever attempted sending gifts to clients or employees, then you’ve realized the time-consuming task it could be. You must choose the appropriate gifts, create personal notes for each as well as plan the time for delivery and shipping. The list is endless.

What do you do if you don’t need to take on any of those things? How would you make a memorable gift for all of your guests without even lifting one finger?

This is one of the main advantages of an automated corporate gifting system, which permits you to track and send the direct mail campaign for gifts regardless of whether you have small-scale local businesses or a large corporation.

What’s a company Gifting Platform?

The corporate gifting system is a system that automates the process to select, store packaging, delivering and delivering gifts to employees, clients or potential customers. In essence, these organizations do all the task of arranging and sending gifts to you, and also allow you to monitor the delivery and acceptance of your corporate gifts as well as the receivers’ reactions.

Corporate gifting companies enable you to reduce time and time-consuming staff time and still send thoughtful, personalized gifts to every person you wish to thank. The automated solutions offered by these platforms are an excellent way to maximize the benefits from your company’s gifting strategies and ensure that every potential customer, employee, or client gets a thoughtful, personal present that will brighten their day.

Thanks to all-in one corporate gifting solutions, manual gifting is now a time-waster. Your staff can concentrate their energy and time on what they do best while your customers receive thoughtful, beautiful gifts.

The benefits of Corporate Gifting Platforms

Gifting gifts to potential customers or clients is one of the most effective ways of letting them know that you appreciate your business. The best gifting strategy could have a major impact on your business’s ROI However, the problem with corporate gifts is that a lot of companies do not have the time or resources to create and send gifts on their own.

This is where a corporate gifting platform becomes available. Below are the benefits when working with one of these companies to have your gifts planned and delivered directly to your customers or employees.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of a corporate gifting platform is the automation that lets users select to package and personalize, send and even manage their gifts with minimal or little effort. The majority of corporate gifting organizations possess their own CRM, or let you integrate it with your own so that you can deliver thoughtful gifts at the perfect timing. Automated systems also ensure uniformity in all gifting strategies.


Any business could benefit from a corporate gifting platform, no matter its size or the number of its employees. Your gifting solution can expand and change with your company and allow you to make genuine connections with your recipients, even if you’ve got an extensive list of recipients.


Your gifting plan will not be successful without taking each recipient’s personal preferences into consideration. Through corporate gifting websites that you can use the data stored in your CRM to send every employee or client the most personalized gift that feels curated just for them. It will create deeper, more real relationships.


Corporate gifting platforms permit you to gauge the effect of your donations through clear, precise information. In addition, you can make sure that your gifts are delivered to the recipients you intended and are received by the intended recipients, but you can gain a better understanding of the impact that these thoughtful gestures can influence buying decision-making. With this data you can enhance future gifting programs and discover more effective ways to create genuine connections with your customers.


Automated corporate gifting platforms allow you to establish an amount of money and adhere to it, making sure that your gifting program is focused on a substantial return on investment. You can also set up certain parameters for your budget for gifts, based on the recipient’s level of the buyer’s journey.

How to Select the Perfect corporate gifting platform for your Company

If you take the time to look over different options, you can ensure that you choose the best one that meets your particular needs.

Think about the following while looking into corporate gifting platforms:

Case Studies Learn how the platform is used across the funnel and the customer journey.
Services Available – The top corporate gifting firms offer more than only packing and shipping services as well as gift sourcing and curation, aswell with tracking and reporting options. Some of them even provide warehouse storage and fulfillment, which means that your gift-gifting efforts aren’t required to take up the office space.
Engagement – In many instances the manner and the date of your present will have just as big an impact as the present itself.
Goals – Discover what the platform can do to help you achieve your long-term and short-term goals to help you implement your gifting plan.
Integrations Many platforms can be connected to your CRM to provide more efficient reporting and sending.

What makes a good corporate gifting company?

The first thing to consider is what are the things you should look for when you’re looking for a corporate gifting platform? If you’re looking for the right business to work with there are a few points to be aware of:

Reputation: Do they provide top-quality goods? Read their online reviews and find out what past customers have to say about their experience working with them.
Products – What gift ideas are available? Can you customize items?
Shipping and Returns – Can the company be able to ship and accept returns on your behalf? What is the cost for returns? Are shipping costs included in the cost?
Personalization Options: Can you include handwritten notes on your gift? Are there other ways of personalizing your gift?
Bulk Discounts – Can you mail several gifts to multiple recipients in one go? Numerous platforms offer discounts to large companies that need to ship bulk gifts.
Automation – How detailed are the tracks? Are you able to monitor the reactions of recipients to the gift?
Platform fees – Certain companies charge a cost to use their platforms. Then, they add the cost of gift-gifting and shipping is added in addition to the base price. Be aware of the total cost attributed to the actual touching of recipients.

Finalizing Your Selection Steps to Finishing Your Selection

Whichever corporate gifting platform you select creating and maintaining a plan for gifting is much easier than it has ever been. You can show your customers and potential clients how much you appreciate them and make them remember the pleasure having worked with you and you can also make use of your gifting strategies to concentrate on the retention of employees and their care.

Make it easier for your corporate gifting procedure and make sure that your gifts are distributed when they are needed for the most positive impact.