Why Do I Need A Car Insurance Tracker?

Why is everyone rushing to install auto insurance trackers on their cars?

You might have heard recently that more and more motorists are getting a car tracker installed for insurance.

If you’re either applying for a new insurance policy, or recently renewed your existing policy there’s a likely possibility that you’ve been asked to install an Thatcham certified vehicle tracking device.

What’s the point? What’s the reason you require an insurance-approved vehicle tracker?

The best part is that this is all to benefit you – we’ll provide more details below.

Why Do I Need A Car Insurance Tracker?

All insurance companies for cars are now taking into account the use of the installation of a GPS tracker when drafting your policy.

If you’ve been in the past, then might have been asked if have a tracker installed or noticed a box you could check in the online form.

It was never required however, and a number of providers may incentive motorists to purchase one through a reduction in their policies.

But , as of the dramatic increase in theft of vehicles in the UK most insurance companies are now requiring that an insurance-approved vehicle tracker is required to validate your policy and protect that your vehicle is not a target for theft.

Car Insurance Trackers Proven To Protect Against The Theft

The most sophisticated organised car thieves are already above any new technological advancements in automobile manufacturers’ factory security features.

That means, if you own a luxury car on your driveway the security options you are used to (including locks for doors) could not be effective against these vehicle criminals.

The type of insurance-approved vehicle tracker you require is based on the kind of vehicle you own and/or the location in which you live. The insurance company you are with may stipulate the exact classification (e.g. the S5 Tracker) or they may be more flexible and say that any Thatcham certified category is acceptable.

Amazingly, in the UK cars are stolen every five minutes, with most of these cars never found.

These are alarming statistics and show that the benefit is now with criminals.

The positive news is that it ….

Because of their efficiency as well as the affordability and impact they can have in insurance policy, vehicle trackers are making sure car owners like you are protected from the constant turbulence of theft of their vehicle and the financial consequences which you’re vulnerable to.

It’s never so precise, efficient, and easy to use as it is today.

An insurance approved tracker certified by Thatcham, provide the best protection for your car, you and your pocket!

2 Primary Reasons To Get A Car Insurance Tracker

The insurance premium will be reduced. According to the article, in certain conditions, some insurance companies will not insure vehicles without having an GPS tracker installed. The benefit is available for all owners of cars because the additional security an electronic tracker gives your car is recognized by insurance companies and has led to them cutting down on premiums for those with the devices fitted.

The best protection for your car. The risk of having your vehicle taken or damaged is not an easy thing for many drivers to take on. The idea of not getting their vehicle (and all items) back is too difficult to grasp for many.

Installing a car tracker is among of the most efficient security measures to guard your vehicle from theft and also to retrieve your vehicle in case of being stolen.

A lot of vehicles are stolen by organized crime gangs who focus on specific vehicles to buy.

It is a sign that they’re extremely skilled in the job they are doing, and they can turn a vehicle disappear in seconds and even transport from the nation in hours! A GPS tracker is the best method to deter this type of crime because they’re equipped to disable security alarms that are factory-fitted.

Thatcham certified GPS trackers will send an instant warning for any misuse that is not authorized or when someone attempts to alter the system. The alerts are spotted instantaneously by the control centre and then they respond by calling you to verify the illegal use.

If you report that your vehicle was stolen, The Control Centre will monitor your vehicle’s location live while coordinating directly with the police in order to ensure quick and efficient retrieval of your car. When we locate your vehicle our security personnel will be in your vehicle until the recovery vehicle arrives to deliver your vehicle back to you.


The latest advances of GPS along with GSM technology, we can provide precise and precise GPS position for your vehicle all the time. If your vehicle is stolen it will be possible to pinpoint the location of your vehicle within a couple of metres.

The tracker is installed discreetly by our highly qualified and skilled engineers who place your device in a way which make it impossible to be detected and/or tracked by thieves. The device is connected to multiple phone networks, multiple satellite networks, and advanced immediate alerts to give you the most advanced security for your vehicle currently available.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your vehicle and want to learn more about installing an GPS tracker, please contact us for more information. contact.